SDCC 2011: Knights of Badassdom (Hall H)

July 23, 2011 by  

I’ll be posting some video of Francis Ford Coppola‘s batshit crazy Twixt panel later on, along with some general thoughts on the presentation of Tarsem’s Immortals. But I’ve got live coverage of Knights of Badassdom, Snow White and the Huntsman, and Dorothy of Oz coming up throughout the afternoon for you…

Even it is a pretty small movie done by IndieVest, The Knights of Badassdom is a pretty appropriate movie for the Con because it’s all about cosplay, as we see in the trailer. Now front and center onstage are director Joe Lynch and actors Ryan Kwanten, Jimmy Simpson, Danny Pudi, Michael Gladis, Margarita LevievaSummer Glau, and Peter Dinklage. [2:25p]

Q&A Highlights:

  • Director Lynch: “The best thing that we could do with this film, because it has a culture that not everybody is familiar with and some people could look down on, was absolutely respect the ‘Larping’ community. [...] Every Larper in this film is 100% real. [...] We wanted to embrace them and not make fun of them. If, by the end of the movie, one person grabs a foam sword, we’ve done our job.”

Clip screened: Peter Dinklage beating up Ryan Kwanten with larping gear, in front of the good looking female larper played by Glau.

  • Pudi on what his “Community” character would think of the movie: “I think Abed would be in this movie. This has been the year of Dungeons & Dragons and larpers for me. I think he would absolutely love this movie and be great at keeping track of who’s really dead.”
  • Kwanten on getting into character: “I would like to say it’s a deep and meaningful process [...] but even though I don’t do too many things well in my life, I guess acting is one of them.”
  • If you could dress up for Comic-Con, who would you be? Simpson – Master Chief, Kwanten – Han Solo, Pudi – The Flash, Levieva – Princess Leia, Glau – She-Ra: Princess of Power, Dinklage – “Summer took mine!”