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Changing Lanes /

Rated: R
Starring: Samuel L Jackson, Ben Affleck, Toni Collette, Sydney Pollack, William Hurt
Directed by: Roger Mitchell
Produced by: Scott Rudin
Written by: Michael Tolkin, Chap Taylor, Anthony Picharillo

Distributor: Paramount Pictures


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     I will admit to enjoying Changing Lanes, but I won't admit to getting anything out of it. Something was just missing from the plot, two guys who could care less about life getting in a fender-bender isn't enough to make a movie about! It was pleasurable to see Samuel L. Jackson, he lived up to his full potential; but Ben Affleck, I don't know. I'd rather see sewer rats than him. All he is, is a cheap-talking, safe play to attract teenage girls. If I was the casting director, he would be my last pick!

     I would like to shift gears and analyze the plot of Changing Lanes. When the writers sat down, they wanted to bring this script emotional attachment. Yet, they didn't capture that, they created a simple-minded story that deals with forces of anger. I really doubt that's what they originally intended to do. The film had conflict, but it was average. The film had a suspicious climax, but it was dull. It was all O.K. but, it wasn't a great movie.

     Sure, it wasn't extremely bad and sure, I'd probably see it again. But, it isn't a masterpiece; it's been getting credit like it is. I don't know what goes through a critics mind sometimes, sure this movie is probably perfect from a theatrical standpoint, but it was sure boring. That's why I rate movies partially on entertainment, because an average person doesn't even notice the intricate details filmmakers put into movies.

     Let's switch back to talking about the cast. As I said before Samuel was great, just like every other movie he touches; but, now I would like to continue on about Ben. Don't get me wrong, I think he has potential, but he is not growing as an actor at all right now. I know that the film industry also likes to create sex-appeal in the movies they make. But, to me it is no excuse for hiring bad actors. Ben is definitely more of a model than an actor.

     In conclusion, Changing Lanes is an average movie. It has some drama, but not enough to create a noticeable conflict. The acting was average overall, but I really didn't like what Ben Affleck brought to the table. If you would like to see an okay movie to kick-back and relax to, Changing Lanes is the one to see. It's nothing more and nothing less than average.


-Danny, Bucket Reviews