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The Crocodile Hunter: Collision Course /

Rated: R

Starring: Steve Irwin, Terri Irwin, Bindi Sue Irwin, David Wenham, Magda Szubanski 

Directed by: John Stainton 

Produced by: Judi Bailey, Bruce Willis, John Stainton, Arnold Rifkin 

Written by: Holly Goldberg Sloan, John Stainton 

Distributor: MGM


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     “Crikey mate! Steady now sweetheart…Isn’t she a beauty?” These are the familiar words you’ve heard many times on the Animal Planet television show, ‘The Crocodile Hunter’; only this time they’ve been put to life on the big screen in Steve and Terri Irwin’s action adventure film, The Crocodile Hunter: Collision Course. I enjoyed this movie and it was definitely worth the money I paid; this “beauty” is absolutely worth seeing.

      The Crocodile Hunter: Collision Course is an entertaining adventure full of poop, humor, and of course, crocodiles! The story starts out when the CIA is stricken with panic on a count of a space satellite breaking up and all of its parts falling down to earth. The small memory database previously encased in the satellite, the only part that the CIA really needs, is swallowed up by a crocodile in the middle of Australia when it comes crashing down to earth. Coincidentally, this is a crocodile that Steve and Terri Irwin are rescuing. Therefore they are blamed by the Federal CIA for possession of this part. What the CIA doesn’t know is that the satellite is in the body of this man-hunting croc. Two men and a woman are engaged in a race to get this part for the CIA and are mistaken by the Irwins as “poachers”. This movie is a thrill-ride with tons of laughs along the way.

      I can’t believe I’m rating this movie so high! I didn’t believe one bit of the story. The small portion of the movie that was acted wasn’t very good. Nothing was in the least bit believable. But the quirkiness of this guy, jumping on crocodiles in the middle of the night while carrying on non-stop dialogue was just so outlandish, it was terribly entertaining. I don’t know how anybody could dislike Steve Irwin! He’s so crazy, it’s impossible not to laugh at him. His father made him jump on his first crocodile when he was nine years old, and he still does it! Now that takes some kind of mental illness from where I’m concerned. I liked this movie simply because it was so hilarious to watch this absolutely nuts man; Steve Irwin is incredibly bonkers, but deviously funny. Someone should consider putting him in a mental home!

      I loved how they incorporated Steve’s own dialogue from the T.V. show into this movie so well. If the script-writers had used completely new phrases, hopeful of being hits, never heard by the audience members before, this movie just wouldn’t have worked. But, luckily they stayed with the catchy “Steady now sweetheart”, idiotic Australian substitution of a certain word that begins with “F”, “Crikey”, and phrase acclaimed by animals everywhere “Isn’t she a beauty!” The script worked great aside from the weak plot. But I liked it.

      The only thing that has potential to be bothersome in this film was the way they shot the scenes with Steve in them. They decided to not shoot the scenes he was in in widescreen for a dramatic effect, to make it seem like the crocs were jumping out at you. This left the film centered, and only taking up about half the screen. I’m not exactly sure if I liked this, nor if I picked up on the intended effect. But, it did bother me at often times, that’s for sure!

      With crocodiles, unintended humor, and a taste of the craziest Australian to live the planet, The Crocodile Hunter: Collision Course is a very entertaining “sweetheart”. I laughed countless times and enjoyed the movie tremendously, as I think anyone in the right mind, without a deep passion for being serious about crocodiles will.  So, go see Steve Irwin bash heads with “Lil’ Rippa’s” now in The Crocodile Hunter: Collision Course!

-Danny, Bucket Reviews

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