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Crossroads /

Rated: R

Starring: Britney Spears, Anson Mount, Zoe Saldana, Taryn Manning, Dan Aykroyd 

Directed by: Tamra Davis 

Produced by: Ann Carli, David Gale 

Written by: Shonda Rhimes, Trevor Jones, Shaonda Rhimes 

Distributor: Paramount Pictures


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     I am not a fan of Britney Spears. I never will be a fan of Britney Spears. I didn’t enjoy Crossroads. I will never enjoy Crossroads. Fans of Britney will love Crossroads, any average person will not.

     This movie has its moments, it has its laughs, it’s not totally inhumane; but the suffering it causes is unexplainable. Everything looks so fake, the dialogue is spoken with such deception; it takes away from the very triumphant story.  This is not Britney’s fault; she did well for a debut movie. But rather the script writers and directors fault; they were the ones who should’ve taken the scenes over, made the story more realistic above all; changed the viewers perception of the characters. Crossroads was not at all realistic, there were endless unbelievable flaws encased within the plot. I must’ve said “Oh, Brother” a million times while watching it.

     Crossroads begins with a prologue showing three girls burying a time-capsule in the ground. In side of the box is each of their plans for the future. They vow to be best friends forever and to unbury and open the time-capsule at 12 AM the night of their high school graduation.

     Graduation night comes and all three of them are at a party. One of them brings up the idea of digging the time-capsule up and the other two don’t want to. Even though through their teen years all three had grown apart; one turning out to be a book worm, another; trailer-trash, and the third; a beauty queen; they all miraculously show up at the burial area, after feeling bad about turning one another down.

     They begin to dig, and soon come upon the box. They open it up and find each others plans for the future from their childhood, which had all extremely changed over the course of eight years. After digging, one of the girls brings up the idea of going to Los Angeles and auditioning for a record-deal. The other two, once again choose to bail.

     The next day comes and guess what? Another serendipity proceeds to happen. All three of them show up for the road trip! Crossroads is full of mindless adventures, partying, and of course the half-slut, yet proclaimed roll-model; Britney Spears. In my mind, it makes a good rental, but is definitely not worth a trip to the theatre, unless of course you are a die-hard Britney fan.

     What I don’t understand is why all of the teenage popstars play nerds in movies! Here Britney is in Crossroads playing a girl who writes poetry and is aiming for a double major? Something seems wrong about this in my head. And, In Mandy Moore’s movie A Walk To Remember they describe her as “A straight-laced daughter of a preacher”! Come on! These roles aren’t anything like what they are in real life. Maybe this is why the movies they are in are so fake-looking.

     Crossroads is only for die-hard Britney Spears fan. I enjoyed watching it on DVD, but it is still not enough of a movie for me to recommend it. See this if you really want to, it is a shaky, but remotely good adventure.

-Danny, Bucket Reviews


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