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Frailty /

Rated: R

Starring: Matthew McConaughey, Bill Paxton, Luke Askew, Matthew O'Leary, Jeremy Sumpter 

Directed by: Bill Paxton 

Produced by: David Kirschner, David Blocker, Corey Sienega 

Written by: Brent Hanley 

Distributor: Lions Gate Films


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     I was in shock when I left the theatre after seeing this film. It was so good. Frailty plays mind games and traps that you in desperate corners of the world that you can't get out of. The intelligent plot twists creep in your mind until the last five minutes of the movie, when you figure the whole thing out. This unbelievable story, cast, and director made the movie shine. It was a wonderful film that I will always remember. I wouldn't be surprised if this makes number one on my "Top Movies of 2002" list.

     Bill Paxton's debut film is incredible. He put endless work into it, and it paid off tremendously. Anyone who can act and direct at the same time is a filmmaking genius. It's hard to direct, and watch other actors when you're tying to act yourself! Even though it hasn't been bringing in much attention (or money), Frailty certainly deserves more recognition. It's a truly monumental film and is an extraordinary achievement.

     The interesting and intelligent plot twist made this the movie what it its. It creates an exuberant vibe in your head to make you question the characters. The entire plot is unpredictable until the last few minutes, when it all comes together. Brent Hanley offered beautiful imagination and color in one of the best scripts I've seen in years. The mood and haunting premise linger in your brain throughout the duration, creating tension between characters.

     Frailty does create an evident amount of religious conflict, and many might be offended by some parts of the plot. If you are very religious, you will hate this film, just for the sake of disliking it. But, from an entertainment standpoint, Frailty is a top-notch thriller full of spine-tingling delight. If you don't look at it from a religious standpoint, you will absolutely love the movie and all of its wonderful qualities.

     Frailty was a respectable, intelligent, nail-biting, horrific thriller. Everyone and everything about it was wonderful from an entertainment, as well as filmmaking, standpoint. The movie that makes you think will always be the best one. This motion picture certainly does that. All of the components in Frailty are wonderful; I'll leave it at that. There is evident magic in the tention of the fabulous story. This will be a definite add to my DVD collection when it comes out. It was truly amazing.


-Danny, Bucket Reviews


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