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"You are a true movie lover and that shines through in your writing." --Jim Fall, Director of The Lizzie McGuire Movie


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THE CURIOUS CASE OF BENJAMIN BUTTON - (4 out of 4 Buckets) - "Every once in a great while, there comes an extraordinary movie that’s so transfixing and gracefully beautiful in the way it moves that viewers are as content to simply watch and marvel over it as it plays as they are confounded by how much it engrains itself into their memories days after they see it. The process of being so spellbound and entertained by a work that it resurfaces in the conscious over time defines Movie Magic and is precisely what Hollywood should strive when it commits fiction to..." Read More >>>


LAST CHANCE HARVEY - (3 out of 4 Buckets) - "It’s a little pathetic that we, the movie-going masses, have accepted the notion that certain genres are conducive to mediocre films. The most pigeonholed among said genres (except for perhaps slasher-horror) is romantic-comedy, which has been written off as a blanket for formulaic studio fodder targeted exclusively at menopausal women and teary-eyed teenage girls. [...] Thankfully, there are movies like Last Chance Harvey to remind us that all types of stories can be made into good movies so long as the right elements..." Read More >>


THE TALE OF DESPEREAUX - (3 out of 4 Buckets) - "The most striking thing about The Tale of Despereaux, one of a few rare animated endeavors by Universal Pictures, is the way its figures move in space. Critics often comment on the realness achieved by pioneer Pixar and motion-capture visionary Robert Zemeckis in this respect, but never have I seen an animated film with quite the sense of weight that this one has. While the quality may go unnoticed by the masses because it is accomplished in a movie about a cute and courageous little mouse, such graceful and authentic..." Read More >>>


YES MAN - (3 out of 4 Buckets) - "Yes, Yes Man is a safe studio comedy that was likely made with the expressed goal of offering unobjectionable, mainstream humor – not a strong foundation for a good film. Yes, the movie seems a little too familiar when one considers that a previous Jim Carrey effort—Liar, Liar—thrust the actor into situations in which he could not tell a lie, just as he must say “yes” to every proposition made in this one. Yes, it would be easier for me to dismiss the movie as an insipid affair because of its questionable reason to exist than it will be for..." Read More >>>


THE WRESTLER - (4 out of 4 Buckets) - "In the heat of the awards season, it’s easy to trivialize a shoe-in performance by treating it as a product and not a piece of art. By the time the Oscars rolled around last year, Daniel Day Lewis’ maddeningly complex portrait of a greedy oilman had been coined the greatest work of the year and it was left unexplored as such. I can’t help but feel that awards voters lost sight of the brilliance they were voting for because said brilliance had become a given after all the critical raves, a notion that suggests that even the most vital art is being..." Read More >>>

Danny Baldwin is a 19-year-old film critic and writer living in Downtown Los Angeles, California. He is a journalism student at the Annenberg School of Communication at the University of Southern California. Danny has maintained and published reviews on Bucket Reviews since 2001, over which time the website has become a well-read and respected place of online film reviews.


-Body of Lies

-A Christmas Tale

-The Curious Case of Benjamin Button


-Gran Torino

-High School Musical 3: Senior Year

-Last Chance Harvey



-The Secret Life of Bees

-Slumdog Millionaire

-The Tale of Despereaux


-The Wrestler

-Yes Man


-Eagle Eye

-The Duchess

-Ghost Town


-Burn After Reading

-Hamlet 2

-American Teen


-The Dark Knight

-Horton Hears a Who!

-Man on Wire


-Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian

-Step Brothers



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