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Minority Report /

Rated: PG-13

Starring: Tom Cruise, Colin Farrell, Samantha Morton, Peter Stormare, Max von Sydow 

Directed by: Steven Spielberg 

Produced by: Gerald R. Molen, Bonnie Curtis, Walter F. Parkes, Jan De Bont 

Written by: Jon Cohen, Scott Frank, John Cohen 

Distributor: 20th Century Fox


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     Imagine a future where crimes could be predicted before they happened; this is the concept that Minority Report grasps so very well with such a real predicament for the future. The mood and feeling to this film were so well done, Minority Report is one of Spielberg's best! The extraordinary visions and the complex mindset made it an outstanding thriller. An encounter with one of the precouges sent me roaring out of my seat, it was one of the scariest moments film had ever produced. The intricate and well thought-out sets were the key to Minority Reports seemingly well impressions on me. This is a fine example of an excellent film.


     Tom Cruise surprised me here, I thought that Sci-Fi was a section he couldn't do. I always thought that he was more of an action and drama type guy, but I was wrong. Five minutes in, I was shaking my head, he started of terribly; but as the film went on, I understood what he was going for, he put on a tasteful sensation of a performance. He showed a psychotic, yet loving father; going to far to protect his son. Not excepting reality, but staying in the past. The way he handled the part was awe-inspiring.


     Spielberg really knew what he was going for here, Cruise and him made an exceptional team. His unique frame of mind in directing Minority Report was exceptional. The way he blocked the sets, to the way he angled the cameras, all the way to how he clipped the scenes; everything he touched in this film turned  golden. He is really one of the best directors of all time.


     I enjoyed the realism to this films predicament. The way it smoothly ran led me to believe that it was an accurate prediction of the future. They are even starting to use some of the stuff featured in the film, such as they eye scanners, which decode who you are. Everything clicked about the aroma, setting, and point of view in every place and on every issue. The film handled the common problems in society so wonderfully, and I respect this enormously.


     Minority Report was one of the greatest movies made to present day. Now what is a "Minority Report"? I won't tell you. It is part of the devious magic withheld inside the movies mystery. It wonderfully captured an accurate viewpoint of the future. Some of the imaginative creations in the film they made to adapt to forward-times were flat-out mid-blowing. The way they predicted cars to be like was so fun, as everything else was. I enjoyed this film astronomically. Minority Report is definitely one of the best movies of the year.


-Danny, Bucket Reviews


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