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Road To Perdition /

Rated: R

Starring: Tom Hanks, Jude Law, Paul Newman, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Stanley Tucci 

Directed by: Sam Mendes 

Produced by: David Brown, Richard D Zanuck, Dean Zanuck 

Written by: David Self 

Distributor: DreamWorks Pictures


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     The Road to Perdition is an emotional craft of the destiny of a father and a son. There is no definite protagonist or antagonist, this film lets you decide who you want to root for, without clarifying the good guys from the bad guys for you. Unfortunately, you are first drawn to the bad guys. Will you betray them and leave their corrective intentions behind, or will you stick with them and oversee their horrible crimes. This movie takes you through a world that you’ve never seen before, it really makes you take others values into consideration. It shows you how different some people’s lifestyles are from yours. Sometimes people will give anything for a home, some money, and above all an enjoyable life.

     Michael Sullivan (Tom Hanks) works for the mob in the nineteen-thirties. In exchange for his work, his employer, John Rooney (Paul Newman), gives him a home, some money, and most importantly, a life. But, he is aloud to tell know one of his work, it is top-secret. One night, on his way to “work”, more specifically killing a man, his child, Michael Jr. hides in the car. He spies on his father, and sees him killing the man. Hence, he finds himself working in the mobbing business himself. Later, because of another incidence caused by the mob Michael Sr.’s, second son, Peter and wife, Annie are killed. This leaves the two Michael’s, father and son, alone and on the run in fear of their own lives. Michael Sr. is already on “the Road to Perdition”, which means the road to hell, because of his horrific work in the mob, but will Michael Jr. shoot someone and go to hell himself? You must see this triumphant masterpiece yourself to find out.

     One of the things that I incredibly admire about this film is the excellent direction. Sam Mendes really worked his heart out in the process of making this movie. The aspect of the direction that I liked the most was the superimposition of still, serene backdrops on chaotic, violent foregrounds. It really made the important figures stand out in the way that he wanted them to. Another thing I enjoyed in the direction department was the way he positioned all of the shots which created an old-style feel to the whole movie. I’m not exactly sure how he patched everything together in such a great way, but let me tell you, the end result was a masterful work.

     My absolute favorite thing about the Road to Perdition was the soundtrack, put together by Thomas Newman. You can listen to all of the music that created such a wonderful feel for such a wonderful drama at http://www.roadtoperdition.com. All of the classical songs that Newman put on the soundtrack fit the movie so well, it was unexplainable. He should definitely win the two-thousand-and-three Academy Award for “Best Original Score”. Every individual composition was magical in this film, it truly was extraordinary. My favorite piece from the soundtrack is called “Rock Island, 1931”.

     The Road to Perdition is easily the best movie so far this year. The emotional struggle between characters is the plots greatest mystery, and for that matter best feature. I loved watching this magnificent journey take place right in front of my eyes. It is the first film in a very long time where I actually was left pulling for the antagonist, hoping for that their evil plans to prevail. The Road to Perdition is hands down extraordinary. All I can say is, go see it; go see it again and again and again and again!

-Danny, Bucket Reviews


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