April 15, 2012

Dear readers,

After nearly a decade of writing movie reviews here at Bucket Reviews, since I was 13 years old, I am making a change.

No, I'm not going to stop writing about film online. In fact, I'm doing the exact opposite. But I will be increasing my productivity elsewhere: a new site called Critic Speak.

Fellow film critic James Frazier and I have founded Critic Speak in the hope that we'll broaden our respective audiences by combining them. We'll also be taking on several talented contributors who will write reviews and film-related commentary alongside us.

The buckets of popcorn will have to go, though I do hope to return to them someday, as I was the one who originated this form of rating, before many imitators emerged over the past decade.

I'll be keeping the Bucket Reviews archives up here, for all to peruse. Yes, even the embarrassingly written pieces that 13-year-old me posted will remain accessible, because why not? They're still mighty amusing. Check out the Shallow Hal review if you're looking for a laugh. (Update December 2015: I made an honest mistake in the process of migrating the server that the complete review archive was on, resulting in the breaking of all links to reviews from 2010 onward. This is going to take a while--months, in all likelihood--to repair, so if you would like to access a particular review before then, just email me!)

I sincerely hope you'll bookmark Critic Speak, follow us on Twitter, and like us on Facebook. As one of thousands of new film sites on the web, we have a lot of ground to cover, but James and I believe we have a unique point-of-view to add to the ongoing discussion.

It's been a pleasure bouncing my thoughts and cinematic discoveries off you over the past decade, and I look forward to the next.


Danny Baldwin

E-mail me: danny@criticspeak.com
Tweet me: @bucketreviews